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    Black: Royal Oak Permanent Calendar Black Ceramic

    You can say that this year’s Salon International Senior Watch (SIHH) royal oak permanent calendar black ceramic debut long ago. You will be right – in more ways than one.

    All Black Royal Oak has been found in the wild for decades, although they are mainly opportunist third-party suppliers’ products, not the Swiss brand itself. Applying royal oak case and bracelet to DLC or black paint has proven to be effective – if not completely “official” – means making Audemars Piguet’s favorite design even more compelling. After all, it is hard to exaggerate the elegance of low-key all-black treatment.

    Since the introduction of the Royal Oak in 1972, Audemars Piguet has become the most representative product line after the dynamic version, with extensive complications and a range of materials – your gold and carbon composites and traditional platinum And steel. However, for this year’s version, the brand finally embraced the dark side, launched an official, all black royal oak eternal calendar, different from what we see from the collection of anything.replica bovet watches price

    The reason why the royal oak calendar of the black ceramic debut hit horophiles heart fluttering in Geneva January is, in addition to the fact that the watch does not seem to cover up the bad guys, it represents the material design victory.

    Royal Oak eternal calendar black ceramic is the brand’s first all-black and all-ceramic watch that is the case, bezel and bracelet. Now, those who are familiar with the unique contours of the Royal Oak will understand how ambitious works will be done entirely with a ceramic-made piece of work. The material is well known to be difficult to handle, and every aspect of the watch bracelet is unique, so the production of new ceramic version will need for each individual mold to develop a new mold. Needless to say, this process will require a lot of trial, error and of course money.

    It is understood that when Audemars Piguet CEO François-Henry Bennahmias first came into contact with his team, asking for the complete manufacture of royal oak from ceramics, they politely replied that “would not happen”.cheap fake watches for sale

    In fact, we are able to test this impossible piece today – after two years of hard development, this proves that manufacturers are committed to manufacturing a royal oak company, the company in the manufacture and design can completely break the mold. To the audience hobby masses of their enthusiastic response, you can say for sure, Audemars Piguet all black beauty worth waiting for.

    Royal Oak Eternal Calendar The stylish design of the black ceramic expresses the impressive details of Audemars Piguet. According to the brand, manual finishing and assembly bracelet takes 30 hours, about five times longer than using steel.

    Carefully check the bracelet’s abnormal completion of the link shows the unique dimensions of each link, as well as the brand of craftsmen on the royal oak familiar with the form of other subtle adjustments to promote the all-ceramic design. For example, the first screw on the Royal Oak’s bracelet, usually under its surface, must be redone in this version. Otherwise, as Mr. Benamas said in a conversation with our founder Wei in this year’s SIHH, they would “be like a painful thumb.”cheap hublot Mp 02 Key of Time watches

    All aspects of the ceramic version design have been properly considered. For example, in order to complete the transformation of the Royal Oak, to determine the low-key black perfect shadow, and find the right material to deal with the ceramic to get the shadow.

    Laymen may think that “black is black”, the brand will highlight the different colors of color will reflect a different amount of light, which will eventually affect the character of the watch. Eventually, Audemars Piguet’s artisaner determined the tablet’s Goldilocks (or “correct”) ratio to 90% of the absorbable spectrum and reflected 10.

    Obtaining a 41mm black and black case requires a further 600 hours of research and development. The resulting design has a good balance of polished and polished surfaces that light up on the wrist and are very strong.

    Although the ceramics are very hard, but also very fragile, so if the pressure is enough, they will be broken. This is why the mix at the heart of this work is a force given to the metal, the brand is tense. This clever chemical element is a lightweight and durable watch form. It is not only scarcely affected, but also high temperature, thermal shock and aging of the harsh.


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