Shane Henderson

  • With the warm waters of late summer, low pressure systems, and other conditions in place, hurricanes are born.Hurricanes start out as low pressure weather systems over Africa and emerge as tropical disturbances over the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean during the late summer and early fall. The moisture and warmth energize these low pressure…[Read more]

  • Heavy rains will cause localized problems with power, food and possible health risks after the storm passes. We do not live on the coast so we will not consider tidal surges to be a threat. People on the coast should be very aware of the damage that can be done by tidal surges. Each of the pictures in this article are examples of what a tidal…[Read more]

  • The deadliest storm ever was the 1900 storm that hit Galveston, Texas. The unnamed storm was a category 4 storm that killed over 800 people. Unfortunately there were no safeguards set up like radar so Galveston was hit with the full force of 140 miles per hour sustained winds. Millions of dollars in damage was caused by this storm surge which…[Read more]

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