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    Self-defense comes with so many easy to do moves, but the areas that you target with your first moves can make all the difference. If at all you are to manage getting away from your attacker, you must choose body parts where you can inflict the most damage without too much effort. The position of the attacker and proximity to you will of course…[Read more]

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    Self-defense training has gone a long way in helping people save themselves from situations that would have otherwise overwhelmed them. An attacker always expects a victim to be cooperative and when you catch them unaware and counter the attack, you always have a higher chance of gaining control of the situation. Both men and women ought to learn…[Read more]

  • Just hold the key ring in your palm and arrange the keys so that a couple of them are sticking out in between your fingers. Viola instant brass knuckles!One key will work just fine but a few is better. Go ahead, reach into your pocket and try it yourself. Test it out by lightly punching your arm. Yeah you can already see how effective this will…[Read more]

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